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Clifftop photo shoot

Recently, I gathered a group of friends and family to a beautiful spot on the Cornish coast path near Lands End; I wanted to capture my knitwear being worn in and among the landscape that provides so much inspiration to me. The group of us set up camp on the windy cliffs armed with a variety of jumpers, hats, scarves and mittens to shoot. It was a beautiful sunny day, however the wind surrounding the coast allowed us to imagine it was a bright day in Autumn or Winter; wrapping up in woollies wasn't too much of an issue, and the sea breeze added a wind-swept look quite fitting for the scene being set.

Above: Behind the scenes at Logan Rock, West Cornwall. We were even visited by wild ponies!

With the keen eye of friend and photographer Julius Thieroff, we set out to shoot my knitwear using only vintage film, helping to capture the tactility and organic nature of the knits. Julius has a particularly intimate and subtle approach to photography; he captures peoples' personalities through honest portraiture. Fleeting moments hold warmth and nostalgia whilst detail and attention to smaller things are brought to the fore. I was excited to see how Julius would capture my knitwear and how the photos would come out.

We spent a few hours among the beautiful rugged rock formations with a backdrop of deep blue sea and wild moorland, wearing different hat/scarf/jumper combinations. I think my friends enjoyed the experience and were perhaps flattered to be asked to model - they all did a great job and we all had fun in the process, enjoying a pint from the local pub to top off the day.

Anticipation is always part of the fun of film; waiting for each image to be processed before you can see how they have turned out. In this case, Julius was hit with a nasty surprise when he discovered a few days on that only a fraction of the photos had worked. Unfortunately, a slight fault with the camera meant that the shutter was lagging behind, obscuring over 3/4 of the photos. However, some did work and the ones we have beautifully represent the knitwear in their organic surroundings:

Above, my friends can be seen wearing a selection of different products, some unique one-off pieces and others available to shop online here. If there are any particular designs you love but can't find on the shop page, please feel free to contact me as I am always happy to create bespoke commissions tailored to you.

To discover more of Julius's stunning photography, do go and have a look at his Instagram - @juliusthieroff. Although currently studying a degree in Physics and Philosophy at Kings College London, in his spare time Julius also hand paints and stitches organic t-shirts under his brand name South Blue.

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