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Our handmade garments are a labour of love, each one crafted from start to finish in our West Cornwall studio. We work using hand powered knitting machines, and fully fashion (knit to shape) on the machine, a process that leaves minimal waste. Made using natural, biodegradable yarns, not only to create pieces that are naturally insulating and breathable, but also to ensure each piece will return to the soil after a good life of wear.


One of the joys of making by hand is that we can easily adjust the width or length of our jumpers.

If you would like us to alter the size of one of our garments to make the perfect fit for you, please drop us an email at

CARNWEAR X Sarah Johnson vests
British Wool vests made in the Carnwear workshop, designed in collaboration with local brand Sarah Johnson.
Available to pre-order

Sarah Johnon Vest.jpeg
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