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Carnwear is an artisan knitwear brand based in the far West of Cornwall. Born from a desire to embrace traditional skills and processes, knitted garments and accessories are considerately designed and hand crafted by maker Jessye Boulton, who works from a small studio a few miles from Penzance.

Carnwear values provenance and the story of our clothing, and hopes to inspire an appreciation of slow fashion, craft and worn textile design. Embracing time-honoured, sustainable production methods that require little electricity and leave minimal waste, pieces are thoughtfully created using traditional hand powered industrial knitting machinery and fine, natural yarns.

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Working with demand to only produce what is needed, garments and accessories are made in limited quantities, adding to the bespoke nature of the designs.

Garments are fully fashioned (shaped to size) on the machine and are often made to order, while accessories are made in small batches to fit with demand.


All items are hand finished and gently washed to bring out the beautifully soft qualities in the natural yarns, before labels are hand sewn and product details hand written on each swing tag for a personal finish.


The making of each unique garment or accessory embraces time, skill and precision, resulting in refined pieces of knitwear that are often individual by nature. Pieces are made on hand powered knitting machinery using technique that leave little or zero waste. The ethos of slow fashion is at the heart of our practice, with each piece designed and made with longevity in mind.


Small scale, local production, keeping traditional skills alive and drawing on a rich history of British knitwear manufacturing. Vintage industrial knitting machines are at the heart of our creations; the machines we work on have been in use for the past 80+ years across the UK.


Wool, silk, mohair, cotton... all biodegradable and will return to the soil after a life of good wear.


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