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Journey to Carnwear

My journey with textiles began at a young age. At just four, I apparently sat on a park bench, swinging my legs and inquiring ‘Show me, mum’ as I held a pair of home-made wooden needles and some colourful yarn. 14 years later, my choice of Uni degree was met with intrigued looks from friends and relatives when I declared I was off to study fashion knitwear. At Winchester School of Art, I was introduced to a spectrum of new knitting techniques, applications and technologies that motivated my love of textiles and inspired a new creative approach to design.

After graduating in 2018, I knew I wanted to continue exploring knitwear in a hands-on, process-led way, and opted to return home to West Cornwall where I knew my creativity would be kept alive; the land and seascapes surrounding me being a continual source of inspiration, fueling new ideas for designs and pieces of knitwear.

Back home in Cornwall, I set up my hand operated knitting machine and began to design a small collection of accessories to sell at local fairs. I was fortunate to secure creative business support and funding from Cultivator Cornwall, and was given a wonderful mentor - Jess of QuintonChadwick who provided invaluable guidance as I set off on a journey as a creative business owner.

With perseverance and ambition, I continued to grow my product range, and in 2020 re-branded my business as Carnwear. I am proud to have created a brand that honours artisan techniques, aligns with an ethos of slow fashion and keeps traditional processes alive, right here in the heart of West Cornwall.

From dreaming up ideas and test knitting swatches to hand crafting the finished piece, I love following the process through from start to finish. The resulting pieces of knitwear are truly unique, hand crafted with integrity and attention to detail, made to be cherished for years to come.

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